Growing Tomatoes Hydroponically:What you need to know

The idea of growing tomatoes by way of using mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent as compared to growing them in soil is gaining popularity and is indeed a better solution. Hydroponic systems allow usage of nutrients from fish excrement, duck manure, purchased chemical fertilizers and artificial nutrient solutions.

For an individual who wants to venture into business selling tomatoes then you can consider growing the tomatoes using Hydroponic systems because it guarantees one constant supply of the tomatoes throughout a twelve-month period.

It yields good result if all factors are taken into consideration with healthy tomatoes to boost of.

There are many methods of hydroponic gardening but fundamentally most methods would require a farmer to find a way of circulate nutrient solution through the use of pumps and better still require air pump meant to give enough oxygen to plant roots. The method I would like to propose to you to try is one known as the Kratky method named after B.A Kratky a horticulturalist researcher at the university of Hawaii.

This method doesn’t require plumping, big tanks and lots of electricity. You can simply get started with the basic household items that you have in your homestead.


14-Gallon Storage Container

It is made up of a durable polyethene material having the ability to deliver lifetime durability and strength.

Its meant to act as reservoir with lid to hold the net pots both in and out of the water.


They are meant to sit on the storage container to basically allow plants to grow with the water that will be provided and the same time allow the roots to have air.

It can promote healthy roots with drainage. The good thing about is that they are easy grab,lift and transport.

3-Inch Diameter Steel

It is used to drill the correct size hole on the storage container

It around 3.5-inch-tall and about 0.6kilograms in weight.

Clay Pebbles

It will provide your tomatoes with what is required to grow faster and possibly survive longer.

They are easy and safe to use. They provide the right basis for soilless gardening.

Building block nutrient

Your 14-gallon container truly needs nutrient to begin the process. It Enhances flavor, nutrition, aroma and essential oils in both hydroponic and soil cultivated plants

All need is to adjust mixtures to suit specific plant needs in this case the growth of tomatoes.

Waterproof Ph1 EcoTster

Required for the maintenance of the nutrient.

Easy to use; push-button calibration with auto buffer recognition

Balanced Nutrient solution control kit

This is a pH tester kit that is meant to ensure the nutrient liquid you are using retains the right balance needed.

Many farmers/gardeners prefer pH test kit to expensive electronic meters because of its reliability and ease of use.

With the above tools or equipment’s, you can comfortably grow tomatoes hydroponically without intrusion such insects’ diseases. You will be guaranteed faster growth and production of fruitful yields. In case you may want to buy the items check it at amazon website.

Depending on your location it is good to know that the favorable degrees in Fahrenheit for growth of tomatoes is in the range of 70 to 79 or 21- 26 degrees Celsius with right sunlight exposure.


  • Fill the storage container with fresh nutrient solution on a weekly basis. As the plant grows you can adjust the irrigation.
  • Take good care and have the right knowledge of pH level adjustments of the nutrient solutions because a poor balance may make the plant to be prone to deficiency of nutrient.
  • Always remove bottom leaves of the main stem to provide better aeration