Technology usage in Dairy Farming

According to Wikipedia encyclopedia Dairy farming is defined as that class of agriculture that is in existence for long-term production of milk that is processed either from the farm or a dairy plant with the ultimate objective of sale for a dairy product. Technology usage in the context of dairy framing can play a significant role in making farming easier and better just like the way it has changed the sphere of life in the other sectors of human kind.

The core element we need to figure out is the way dairy farmers can be able to boost or enhance their milk production and if need be able to monitor their animals.

Evolution of technology is all about automation and in many ways than one has changed the way milk production is undertaken. What a farmer at the end of the day needs is improvement in profitability, quality of milk and general care of the dairy cows. The main benefit of technology has always been enhanced processes in what we do and articulate decision-making processes that come out of it. Technology usage will help a farmer get that information about a given cow fast hand to make informed decision on what to do based on the circumstances provided. A farmer can be able to understand each and every cow’s condition and take necessary action if by any chance the cows are caught to be sick and arrange for treatment within a short span of time as compared to when technology was not in use.

This in a way improves the overall welfare of the cows due to reduction in disease losses and improved health of the animals.

Investing in technology will go along way towards making one to be e a better farmer. This should not be taken that it is reducing the job of a farmer because the sole decision has to be made by the farmer should a need arise. The role of technology will basically be to fill a need of a given farming environment. Technology should always be reliable, convenient and easy to use according to the user. Anything contrary to that is not worth trying. A farmer may find automated heat detection using technology to be worth trying as compared to doing it manually.

As you decide to embrace technology to ease your framing method its good to take cognizance of the fact that it will always be a Learning curve to the farmer because many technological tools are there to interpret data and having the ability to harness that information to make that informed decision is a big plus.

Your existence as farmer and being the main catalyst on taking care of your dairy cannot be over emphasized because technology in itself cannot in many cases fix the problem but rather pinpoint where the problem could be.

Dairy farming using Drones

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles also known as drone’s popularity usage is on the rise since its inception. One of the most common ways drone can be used by the dairy farmer will be monitor his cows. All they need to do is to fly the drone over the farmland checking on the heard of cowsand ensure everything is in order.


The following are the ways Drones can be used on a dairy farm.

Management of feed

This is one of the important elements on a dairy farm for milk production. Ability to know the amount of feed you have from nutritional point of view is a big plus because drones can be used to get the right measurement ease feed management.

Management of crop

A farmer can be able to gather the needed information to make informed decisions to be able to improve crop health and yield on areas such as water drainage, pest infestation and crop health.

Management of Pasture

Its cumbersome to monitor and by extension track your cows. With help of drone you can be able to make a quick assessment about the cows in the pasture such as the population size and even those that are pregnant for sound decision making.