Poultry Farming:Africa Perspective

Are you a budding entrepreneur with interest in poultry farming ? if the answer is yes in Africa poultry farming represents a massive business opportunity. The love for the eggs and extension meat is at exponential rate the last couple of years. The most popular domestic bird raised in Africa is Chicken popularly known as “kuku” by the Swahili community on the eastern part of Africa. The demand for the end product of both layered and broiler chickens is on a high on a day to day basis.



Demand for the meat especially for the hospitality industry is always huge hence the need for poultry breeds that produce constant meat supply. There is a modernized method of producing the ever-increasing demand of the meat from a farmer/entrepreneur point of view with a short span of time which is yet to be exploited fully in the continent.

It is therefore important for a farmer to select not only good but productive breed for business purpose right from the time the one-day broiler chick is brought forth. The recommended weight according to experts is around 40 grams.

The requirement of the broiler food should entail Vitamin A, B2, B12, D3 with the right ratio of protein and calorie.

From commercial perspective, the following are a number of raising systems used for broiler poultry farming:

Free-range Methods

These is where the broilers are allowed basically free from every sense of the word because the birds can do scratching, foraging, pecking and outdoor exercises. It is suitable for broiler breeds that take more than 8 weeks for their ultimate growth.

Indoor Raising method

You will need a house equipped with mechanical systems for food and water which the chicken will use. It should be well ventilated cooler and heater besides ensuring the place is pretty clean and dry.


These is for chickens reared majorly for egg production. The chickens normally begin to lay eggs from the age of 12-20 weeks for which in turn regularly done for a period of 25 weeks.

Egg production many at times stop by after around 70-72 weeks. Most common conditions that induce the chicken to lay eggs are light and temperature and with proper expertise advice then you can optimally make good use of the chicken.

From commercial perspective, the following are a number of raising systems used for layer poultry farming:

Free-range roaming

These is a scenario where the chickens are provided with free range roaming  for a certain period of the day and they are kept inside a secluded locale at night from predators and adverse weather conditions. The chickens roam therefore freely roam at the day-time which means they spent half of their life outside the secluded locale. They are therefore less prone to diseases courtesy of the natural environment.

The open place where the chickens roam should have adequate drainage facilities and good ventilation.

Yarding Method

This very common with African communities where the cows and chickens are raised together hence the term yarding. All you need is to make a fence in the yard and keep all the chicken and cows in it where they are free to move inside and roam around that locality.

Battery cage method

These is a small metal cage which can accommodate 3 to 8 chickens. Normally the walls of the cage are made of mesh or solid metal and the floor is made sloped to drop the faeces down. When the egg is layed the egg is layed, its collected using egg collecting conveyor belt of the cage.

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